Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Yay Panera!

I eat Panera probably more than what's a healthy amount, but there's one practically right next to where I work and it's super convenient. On days when I'm too lazy or running late to make a lunch, I order online and pick it up when I'm ready.

So I finally decided to sign up for their rewards card. Just for signing up you get a free pastry, and this month it was a free you pick row after purchasing 5. Today I redeemed both of those, which means I got my $10.48 lunch for free.

For my pastry I ordered their cinnamon crunch scone since I loved the bagel when I tried it earlier in the week. 

It tasted just like a coffee crumb cake but was a little less messy to eat. It's definitely for those with a sweet tooth and some extra calories to spare (about 500 calories for the whole scone). I could eat half and I'm saving the rest for later. With a cup of coffee it was perfect on this cold, damp fall day.