Sunday, February 21, 2016

Contour & Sculpt Yourself Palette

I've been a fan of contour and highlighting for a while now and have been looking into different palettes to purchase. Originally I wanted to create a custom palette from MAC but after realizing it would cost $112 with other similar products costing $40-60 decided that was wayyyy too much to spend, even if the blushes last forever. That's when I came across the Contour and Sculpt Yourself Palette. Priced at only $60 (for some of the same exact same colors I originally wanted) I decided to jump on it. Even though I couldn't choose my colors to create a truly custom palette, there were only 2 blushes I actually wanted to replace and I figured I could update the colors as I used them up.

I should have been a housewife

This is the palette with the colors that are included. The first two are Sculpt and Emphasize which are used for contouring and highlighting. These are colors I was looking to buy originally so I'm happy they came in the palette. The next two are Trace Gold and Sunbasque. These two are pretty shimmery  giving you that glowing look. The Trace Gold seems to blend into the contour color for my skin tone so I'm not really in love with it. Sunbasque is pretty nice and definitely darker than Trace Gold. Not necessarily a color I'd choose on my own, but I've used it twice in the last week so I guess that speaks for itself. The next two are matte colors called Peaches and my go-to all time favorite, Fluer Power. Originally I wanted Melba which is just slightly pinker than Peaches, but I barely notice a difference between the two when they're not right next to each other. Fleur Power is a nice bright pink that I've used since college. It's my favorite blush and I love, love, love it. All of the blushes are very pigmented and go on flawlessly. Below you can see them swatched on my fair skin, all were coated and swiped three times.

I should have been a housewife

For anyone looking to upgrade to a palette this is one of the many choices out there but I'm really happy with the colors that were included.

Let me know if there are any questions you have on the palette or the colors that are included.

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Friday, February 19, 2016

Homemade Payday Bars

I should have been a housewife

Payday bars are one of my favorite candy bars out there. They're chewy, salty, sweet, and crunchy, which are all essentials for snacking in my opinion. I had homemade payday bars for the first time while tailgating at a Penn State game and knew I had to make them myself. The only difference between the homemade bars and the store bought variety is the addition of mini marshmallows. In my opinion, adding fluffy mini marshmallows to the recipe makes this snack even better. The original recipe for homemade payday bars can be found here, below is the recipe with just a few minor changes that I made.

Homemade Payday Bars

16 oz salted dry roasted peanuts (a 50:50 mix of honey roasted and dry roasted peanuts is also delish)
1 bag peanut butter chips (approximately 2 cups)
3 Tbsp butter
1 (14 oz) can sweetened condensed milk
1 (10.5 oz) bag mini marshmallows
flaked sea salt for garnish (optional)

1. Coat a 9x13 pan with baking spray then coat the bottom of the pan with half of the peanuts, set aside.

2. In a large microwave safe bowl, heat peanut butter chips and butter in short intervals until melted (in 30 second intervals this takes about 2 minutes depending on the power of the microwave). Stir in sweetened condensed milk until smooth and heat for 1 minute more.

3. Fold marshmallows into peanut butter/milk mixture until evenly coated, then pour over peanuts in the 9x13 pan.

4. Spread remaining nuts on top of the marshmallow mixture, pressing nuts lightly to make them stick. Garnish with optional sea salt and chill for about an hour. Cut into 1.5" x 1.5" squares and serve.

 You can keep these in the fridge for at least a week and they taste just as good as the day you made them.