Saturday, December 6, 2014

Pizzookie- Chocolate Chip Cookie in a Pan

I should have been a housewife

While in Arizona I was able to try one of the best desserts I'd had in a long time. A pizzookie. It's a half baked cookie thats made in a large pan and topped with ice cream. We had one while out to dinner last week and I loved it.

Last night I was half way through baking a batch of chocolate chip cookies when I was too lazy to dollop anymore onto the sheet pan. I decided to press the rest of the batter into a circular cake pan and try my hand at making a pizzookie.

I used the original Tollhouse chocolate chip cookie recipe minus the nuts and baked until the top of the cookie was just golden brown and still slightly mushy. I was half way through the batter when I decided to bake one large cookie so you cold half the recipe and have enough for the cake pan.

I had some Breyer's french vanilla ice cream in the freezer and that went perfect with the pizzookie.
I should have been a housewife
Cookie out of the oven

I should have been a housewife
Close up of the ice cream and pizzookie


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