Wednesday, February 4, 2015

My Saturday Morning Adult Lunchables

I should have been a housewife

Recently I was rummaging through the fridge looking for something to eat and saw a pack of lunchables. As a kids my sister and I would rarely get these since we grew up eating organic, but when we did, they were delicious little treats. Looking at the little pieces of processed meat and cheeses I decided to make my own version, feeling a little healthier.

I squared slices of ham sandwiching a slice of imported swiss between them and added sides of sliced apples with aged cheddar, Ritz crackers, and mixed berries for dessert. It was a pretty easy lunch to make, especially when I was feeling pretty lazy and didn't want to cook anything. It definitely reminded me of the Lunchables I ate as a kid, but with a healthier and more adult like appeal.


I should have been a housewife