Saturday, November 8, 2014

Leaving New Jersey

Since my next optometry rotation is in Phoenix, Arizona, I tried to eat at my favorite NJ restaurants before I left. One of my new favorite restaurants in Montclair is Ani Ramen which serves up some delicious ramen soup, the #3 spicy miso is my favorite. They also have these fabulous pork buns as an appetizer. They are pillow soft buns is topped with crispy pork, a cabbage slaw, and spicy mayo. They are so good I could seriously eat half a dozen. Ani Ramen is also BYOB and BYOC (bring your own container, I had to ask to make sure the first time I went) which I love. My fiancé and I were able to share a nice bottle of wine and some awesome ramen on my first night back in Montclair.

The other stop I knew I had to make was to Hot Grill in Clifton, NJ. Both my parents have come here since they were young, they even watched the first man walk on the moon while eating here. They've been taking me and my sister here since we were both little and it's a place I have to stop at every time I come home.

The inside of the restaurant hasn't changed, and many of staff are originals from when my parents used to go as teenagers. They serve hot dogs, hamburgers, and other types of sandwiches, but I get the same thing every time I go, one all the way. It's a hot dog topped with sauce and onions. They make it very clear that the sauce is not chili, but for a description, that's what I'll compare it to. Hot Grill is one of the places I associate with being home in NJ and I knew it was one of the places I had to eat before leaving.

My mom also planned a going away dinner for me at which we had a traditional Thanksgiving dinner. We also made apple strudel which I'll post about later.

You can expect to see some posts about my adventures in Arizona, I plan on seeing as much as possible during my time here.

Until next time!