Thursday, October 30, 2014

Easiest Icing Tip Ever

One of the most useful things I've learned while cookie decorating is the bag technique. I read about it on the Adventures of Sweet Sugarbelle blog and it's seriously been a life saver. You wrap a portion of icing in plastic wrap and insert it into a piping bag. By doing so, you can just slide the plastic wrap out of the piping bag when you're done with the color you're using. This leaves almost no clean up of the bag (maybe a minor rinse between colors). 

Here are the steps to how I outfit my bag

1. Place a portion of icing in the center of a square of plastic wrap. How much you decide to use will depend on the amount of piping you'll be doing with that color. I probably wouldn't put more than a cup/cup and a half though, especially on your first try. 

2. Fold the bottom of the plastic wrap onto the icing then roll up over icing to form a little packet. Holding the ends that haven't been folded over (the left and right) twist quickly like you're winding up a towel to crack at someone. This will result in a tight packet with a tails at both ends (The picture below is what the end result should look like for those who have never towel whipped).

3. Fit an piping bag with the inner part of a coupler set and place icing packet into piping bag so one of the tails reaches towards the bottom of the piping bag. With a small tweezer, pull the tail through the end of the coupler.

4. Snip off extra tail so that it is even with the end of the coupler. Fit with appropriate piping tip and coupler ring. 

5. When finished just remove icing packet from the piping bag and wash off any areas that may have a little icing on them. 

This allows me to switch between colors/textures quickly without having to hand wash multiple bags which save me a bunch of time and headaches!

I love it, but Let me know if this method works for you!